Please take the time to fill out this fish survey after you have been angling. This data will be used to track the species diversity and abundance of fish within the watershed.

BelleisleWatershed Angling Survey

Other important information:

New Brunswick 2018 Fishing Guide

What you can do to protect our waters from invasives species:

  •  Don't release anything in a particular waterbody that did not come from that waterbody
  • Inspect fishing gear and boat for aquatic vegetation and remove
  • Wash your boat before moving it to a different waterbody or allow it to dry for 5 days
  •  Check and clean all fishing gear - rods, reels, lines, waders, etc.
  • Dispose of unused bait correctly

Learn more about invasive species and thier distrubtion:

Illegal Stocking

Protect Out Rivers From Didymo