​Become a Volunteer

We need:

- Neighborhood ambassadors

- Graphic designers for hiking trails

- Business leaders to encourage growth

- Help enhancing the beauty of the Belleisle Bay

- Support for roadside and shore clean up

- Bakers and servers for events

- Select speakers

- Input from hikers, boaters, and snowmobilers

- Help with our loon count 2016

​- Trail maintenance

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​Become a Member

Annual membership fee: $15

You will:                                    Your contribution supports:

- Receive our newsletter        - Cost of roadside cleanup

- Be invited to local events    - Insurance for community events

                                                   - Youth employment

                                                   - Development of business directory

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Belleisle Creek Trail Nature Garden
    • Come help design and build a Nature Garden in the 4 acre field at the entrance to the Belleisle Creek Trail
    • Calling all gardeners help plan and execute the establishment of a Nature Garden at the entrance to the Belleisle Trail. While you are at it, learn to introduce greater biodiversity and friendly pollinators into you own garden
    • Board members have been reading and attending a presentation by the head of the Toronto Botanical Gardens on “Pollinators” and how to encourage biodiversity. All this is to provide a beautiful and healthy environment for the many birds and wildlife which populate the meadows and marshland 
    • This is the beginning of a several year development
    • Send a message on Facebook or give your name to any Board Member
  • Fish population study
  • ​Bird population study 
    • Bird population study form
      • Please ​leave the completed form after each visit                                                                                                       to the trail in the mail box at each end
  • ​​Student Volunteers 
    • ​Welcomed at all events and to participate in fish studies,                                                                                                 bird studies and nature garden project
    • BWC will provide documentation for students seeking                                                                                               community service hours